VProve Derma Layer Bright Essence


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A Daily Essence for Rapid Skin Regeneration and High-Quality Skin Care!

o Promotes Quicker Skin Regeneration Through Intensive Dermal Care!
o Brightens Skin Tone with AHA Formula
o Maintains High Level of Moisture in a Dry Skin

Intensive Skin Texture Care:
o The Patented SKINPERF LWG (AHA) Softens Old Dermal Layers to Create a Healthy and Bright Skin Tone!

Effective Moisturization:
o The Smooth Gel-Type Formula Rapidly Absorbs into the Skin to Replenish Vital Moisture.

Main Ingredients:
o 7 Herbal Extracts from the Swiss Alps: Brightening+Moisturization
o Aloe Vera Juice Powder: Moisturization+Soothing
o Centella Extract: Nutrients+Soothing

How to Use:
o Gently apply across the skin, then pat down for a quicker absorbtion.

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